Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Personnel Drug Testing on Job Site, or at our offices in Mobile, Alabama or Pascagoula, Mississippi.

  • Confirmation of Non-Negative Drug Screens
  • DOT Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse
  • 24/7 Emergency or Post-Accident On-Site Testing

Early on in the history of workplace drug testing, The Gulf Companies recognized that drug and alcohol abuse were responsible for many on-the-job accidents. Initially, we added the on-site drug test kits to our supply selection. On-Site drug test kits provide a rapid answer to the question if an employee should be considered potentially positive for drug or alcohol abuse.

After selling drug test kits for a while, we came to realize that some companies preferred having a third party conduct the drug-screening process as opposed to being directly involved. We also came to realize that there was a growing demand for providing these drug screening services on-site. We decided to complete the loop for our customers and provide complete drug and alcohol testing services. We now provide services ranging from a complete drug and alcohol screening program to assisting you with any part of the drug and alcohol screening process.

On-site post-accident or emergency drug screening is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  (Service fees may apply)

For more information and pricing contact us at (800) 872-6404 or info@thegulfcompanies.com

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